– So this didn’t start out as a comic about Korra getting herself off in the bathroom. Originally she was just checking out the book before heading to bed, and kind of embarrassed and flushed when she thought Asami was going to walk in and “catch” her. But I showed my initial rough draft to a friend and (because my rough wasn’t very detailed), she just assumed that Korra’s hand was down her panties Which was really better then what I had planned. So here’s the most PG comic about the Avatar masturbating you’re likely to find on the internet.

I don’t think Korra is a sexual prude at all, but I imagine she approaches sex with the kind of same reckless enthusiasm tempered by awkwardness and self doubt that she has for everything else. Much like when she was doing her Airbending training, but instead of a scowling Tenzin there’s Asami (who is probably scowling too, because Korra is bad at everything before she gets good at it). I imagine Asami as more experienced and more confident, although thats probably just because she always seems super confident about everything. There’s nothing in the series that really suggests that Asami is more sexually experienced then Korra.