Okay, so Korra comes out to her parents. As far as I can tell, there’s no social taboo in the Avatar universe involving same sex couples. Or if there is I guess I just missed it. Senna (Korra’s Mom) looks a little stunned here, but I think that’s just because she always kind of looks that way. She married the exiled leader of the Northern Water Tribe and then her baby turned out to be the Avatar. And I doubt Korra was an easy child to raise. Plus she’s had to deal with the White Lotus interfering with her parenting, the Red Lotus trying to kidnap her kid, her kid running away to the city and falling in love with a pro athlete, a civil war, her husband becoming the new leader of the Southern Water Tribe, her daughter being crippled… it’s no wonder she always looks overwhelmed!
Tonraq approves. I mean, of course he does! As far as I can tell he actually has a really good relationship with Asami already. She was the only outsider her supported the Southern Water Tribe during their civil war, and she flew a very dangerous combat mission in the final battle, with Tonraq hanging off the wing of her plane! Tonraq knows Asami protected Korra from the Red Lotus and saved her when they were captured by the Earth Kingdom and lost in the desert, and he knows that Asami was the one who took care of Korra while she was recovering before she went home. When he finally returns to Republic City it’s Asami that’s there to greet him, and it sounds like they’ve kept in contact at least a little. We know Korra is bad at writing letters, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Tonraq sent Asami (or maybe Tenzin) updates about how she was doing. Anyway, It’s easy for me to imagine that Tonraq would completely approve Korra’s choice. He knows that Asami is smart, loyal and caring. he’s fought beside her too, and I bet that counts for a lot!