-Hey look, it’s a new comic! I’m posting all three pages of this story on the same day, so make sure you read them all!

– I try not to sexualize Korra and Asami in my comics (except for the workout comic where that was the whole gag). Not because they aren’t both attractive and, at times, plenty sexy, but because that’s mostly not what I want to focus on in these comics. But Tonraq is pretty much the most handsome man alive, and Korra is very much his daughter and I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of beefcake and draw Korra in what I’ve always assumed was the swimsuit under her pants. Tonraq is pretty reserved, but I have no trouble believing that he’d whip his clothes off at a moment’s notice for a relaxing dip in a hot spring. Or a nice cool pool. Korra too. Like father, like daughter. And of course since Tonraq is probably the sexiest man alive it will inevitably lead to some merciless teasing…


Tonraq’s sheer manliness is kind of astounding.  I’ve noted before that it’s probably difficult to be friends with Korra and not fall in love with her a little bit, both on an emotional and physical level. Her physicality is pretty overwhelming. The same is true of Tonraq I think. All Water Tribe people are good looking, but Tonraq is just an avatar of manly sexuality in a way that’s almost ridiculous. A more even tempered, better looking Conan. The crazy thing is that when we first meet Tonraq in Book 1 when Korra is still a toddler he’s a much more average looking guy. Still handsome (again, all Water Tribe people are good looking), but nowhere near the bulked up super stud that we’re reintroduced to in Book 2. Senna, by comparison, looks plain and frazzled (but still attractive. Water Tribe,after all). It’s not clear how Tonraq transformed from a mild mannered water bender into sexiest man over 30 in the world, but I imagine it was something like this…



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