Asami is kind of an astounding fighter. While she’s rarely the center of attention, throughout Legend of Korra we see her take on all kinds of foes, including professional soldiers, spirit monsters and experienced Benders, and hold her own. I can’t remember if Asami has any formal training (I seem to recall something about self defense classes. Then again, it’s not clear if Mako and Bolin have any formal training either) but throughout the series she proves herself to be an incredibly effective combatant. Asami lacks that kind of broad martial arts prowess that we see with Korra. Instead she employs a more focused style that consists of quick kicks followed by a spin that brings her shock glove into play. We see her do variations on this move over and over again throughout the series. That’s not to say that Asami only knows one trick. Her fighting style is fast and fluid, relying on speed and rotating body movements that end in quick, effective take downs. I want to say this is inspired by Judo, but really I have no idea.  Asami often drops into the background during fights since Korra and the other benders are often paired off against bending opponents, leaving Asami to fight less interesting enemies. But when we do get a glimpse of Asami in combat she’s always impressive. Her first big fight in Book 3 is along side Korra against a group of motorcycle thugs. Korra does more damage during teh fight, but Asami’s take downs are effortless and elegant. Which is kind of her thing. Asami makes everything look easy and classy!

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